Helping women find joy when life feels overwhelming. 

Here, we find healing from hurts and obstacles and the everyday difficulties in life. 
In this space, we focus on whole body wellness ~ 
Caring for our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing 
from a trauma-informed viewpoint. 

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Rising From The Ashes
Goodness. Life can be hard. Sometimes the difficulties we face come from choices we've made, sometimes they come from choices others around us make. Sometimes, they come from acts of nature. We can feel so overwhelmed and exhausted and hopeless when we are in the middle of a crisis and we can even feel that way in the middle of just regular, ordinary life! Friend, I have seen beauty come from the ashes that come from the dumpster fires and the chaos of life. And I believe that your life can become something new and beautiful as a result of the challenges that you are going through. Borrow some of my hope until yours is restored. And dig into the resources below to begin rebuilding life and hope. May peace fill you completely this day.

Your husband has asked for a divorce. Now what?! Click the link below to find my growing bank of resources to help you navigate the multi-faceted challenges of going through and then recovering from a divorce.

Life can be HARD. I've been through some *stuff* - I'm sure you've been through some stuff - or maybe you're going through some stuff right now. God has taught me that, despite the difficulties of life, we can still experience JOY. In spite of the dumpster fire(s) we live in/through, we can still experience peace and contentment and even JOY. Check out my Finding Joy resources below.

End-Of-Life. Something many of us fear. Many of us deny it will happen to us or to our loved ones. As a chaplain, I've been privileged to be a part of the end-of-life process for many people and their families. Some processes have been beautiful, sacred, and holy. Others have been difficult and challenging. I believe that we all can experience an end-of-life that is beautiful. 


Meet Coach Sara 

Coach Sara has spent over 10 years serving the church in pastoral care and coaching, including 5 as a hospital/hospice chaplain, and loves equipping others as they find healing and joy in their day-to-day life.  Sara has overcome much muck in her own life, and has created a life in which she now thrives and has peace and joy.  She resides in ND with the love of her life, her two youngest children, and their cockapoo, Fozzie.

After learning how to survive well in the midst of and then how to overcome life’s difficulties, Sara is passionate about helping others thrive in the midst of the muck of life.

Her specialties include:

  • Faith development
  • Working through grief from death/dying
  • Marriage Wellness 
  • Surviving divorce and keeping your faith 
  • Overcoming toxic thought patterns
  • Establishing healthy boundaries

Previous clients have shared: “Sara was so present – so understanding, compassionate, with an ear to hear and listen to our concerns…She helped us problem solve…clearly Sara has found her ministry and with the hands and heart of God.” Linda P.

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Live a life you love.

Get out of the muck.

Reclaim your sanity.  Rediscover your self-worth.  

Reorder your priorities.  Make today count.

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